Reasons Of Dogs Throwing Up

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Nov 14
dogs throw up

Compared to a human it might seem like your dog is throwing up quite often – and they are. Due to their scavenger nature dogs must have a defense mechanism. It’s because they’re naturally drawn to eating just about anything, they have a well-developed vomiting center in their brain.

In order to get to the bottom of why it is your dog is throwing up, it’s best to figure out if they’re vomiting or regurgitating.

Regurgitation occurs when food stays in the esophagus because it’s blocked or just simply won’t go down. When it begins to accumulate it will eventually overload and expel itself. When regurgitation occurs your dog will throw up “whole” or undigested food.

dogs throw up

Vomiting occurs when the food actually reaches the stomach and is forcefully expelled.

Dogs, just like humans throw up for a number of reasons. They could have eaten something that disagreed with them, ate too much, ate too fast, exercised too quickly after eating – maybe they’re experiencing motion sickness, stress or they could have worms. These are all cases of simply an upset stomach, which is not critical.

However, throwing up can also be a sign of a more serious illness such as parvovirus, kidney or liver failure, enterocolitis, pancreatitis cancer, acute gastritis, intestinal obstruction, food allergies, poisoning or distemper.

To ensure your dog remains healthy and attempt to try to stop them from vomiting in the future you must be well informed. Visit and find out more.

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