How to Train a Puppy Basic Manners and Obedience

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Nov 25
how to teach your puppy good manners at home

How to Teach Your Puppy Basic Manners

Your puppy’s first manners at home will be dictated by cause and effect. If she does something that gives her pleasure or gets attention from you, then she will be more likely to repeat it. For this reason, you may find that a pup who has nothing given to her to chew on will end up gnawing on the furniture. If you get excited when she jumps during greetings, this will reinforce her behavior.

how to teach your puppy good manners at home

To redirect a jumping puppy, you should encourage everyone in the household to do the following:

– Ignore the puppy when she jumps for attention.

– When she is excited and wishes to greet you, shake a treat cup or throw her favorite toy on the floor. After she gets all of her paws on the floor, then get down on her level.

– Put all of the objects that she wants on her level. Don’t place them on counters and tables. Discourage interest in jumping by interrupting her as soon as you see her looking at places where she is not allowed to go. After you have distracted her, then redirect her to one of her toys.

You may find that you have problems keeping your puppy away from the table at mealtimes. You can deal with this issue by placing her in her bed or crate with a toy and encouraging everyone to ignore her during the meal. Remember to take care of any pressing needs that your puppy may have before you start your meal.

To take care of any chewing problems, buy some items that your puppy would like to chew. Whenever she gets bored or restless, direct her to those items. If you do catch her chewing on something she shouldn’t be, then distract her and redirect her to the permissible items.

Sit, Stand, and Down

There are two different methods for showing your puppy how to sit. You should choose the one that works best for your puppy.

– Go down in front of your puppy. Hold onto a treat as a lure. First, let the puppy sniff the treat. Then, say “sit” as you put the food above her head. Most likely, she will naturally sit down to eat the treat. If she tries to back up instead, then place your other hand on her rump and gently push her into a sitting position. Make sure that you praise her. Give her the treat when she sits. You should give it to her regardless of whether she needed help or not.

– Get down next to your puppy. Put one hand on her chest and the other behind her rear legs. Tell her to sit as you guide her into a sitting pose. As soon as she is sitting, give her the reward.

To teach puppy to lie down, start with her sitting on your left. Kneel down and put your left hand on her shoulders. Place your right hand just behind her front legs. Say “down” while you press gently on her shoulders. At the same time, scoop her legs out until she is lying down. Reward her.

To teach her to stand, first, get your puppy to sit. Hold some food near her nose, say “stand,” and slowly bring your hand forward and slightly down. Encourage her to move forward by patting your leg. When her bottom is off of the floor, lower your hand with the food so that it is level with her chest. Push your hand towards her chest so that her chin drops and her nose is pointing towards the floor. Reward her when she is standing properly.

teach your puppy basic commands

Stay, Come, and Follow

To get your puppy to stay, put her in a sit on your left side. Turn your body to face her. Keep the leash slack. Hold up your hand to her face and say “stay.” Take a step back. Wait a few seconds and go back to where you were. Place one foot on the leash. Say your release word and give a reward.

To teach puppy to come, first, sit in a squat position. Open your arms wide. Tell her to come. If she starts coming to you, give her some praise. If she doesn’t come to you, go slowly to her. Guide her back to the spot where you called her. Give her praise the whole time.

One way to teach her to follow you is to carry treats with you when you are walking. Let her smell the treats and walk away from her. She will most likely start to follow you.

Basic Lure and Reward Training: How to Train a Puppy

There are various methods of training your puppy. One of these methods is lure and reward training. The idea is simple: you simply use a toy or treat to get your puppy to do what you want her to. The lure needs to be something that your dog likes. It also cannot be something that she gets in her normal day-to-day activities.

When you use a lure and reward method, you need to pinpoint the actions or behaviors that you want your puppy to do.

Ideally, the lure should be used only in the early stages of your puppy’s training. When she learns what the expected behavior is, then you should taper off the lure.

The lure should not be taken away suddenly. If you do this, then your puppy is likely to stop doing the desired behavior. Rather it should be tapered off.

Using Food to Reward Your Puppy

There are various pros and cons with respect to using food as a reward for puppy training. One pro is that you are practically guaranteed a positive response when you use a treat that excites your puppy. However, the corresponding con is that your puppy may become dependent on food treats to display positive behavior at all. Another con is that food rewards do not demand any respect on the part of the puppy, and this may deter from the bonding and training process.

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