How to name your new puppy?

By Training A Puppy | Dog Health

Dec 04

TV and TV Shows and movies such as the 101 Dalmatians are certainly a great starting point when searching for dog names. But, it is not the only place to find clever dog names. Do you listen to Sirius radio? You know their mascot is a dog. Sirius is a great dog name. On the radio you might hear some great dog names from bands and musicians. How about singers like Hendrix, Ozzy, Bach, Zappa or Carlos Santana. Famous bands offer up some very clever dog names, like Incubus, Seether, Jefferson (Airplane) or Fleetwood (Mac).

Some clever dog names for pairs of dogs could be Friar and Tuck or Friar Tuck and Robin Hood, Mai and Tai, General and Sherman, Anthony and Cleopatra, Cheech and Chong, Bonnie and Clyde, Adam and Eve, Abbott and Costelo, or Willie and Wonka.

Finding clever dog names are easy, no matter where you choose to look. Have fun with them and be sure to pick a name that you and your puppy will enjoy for years to come. Get creative and you are sure to find great dog names.

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