Find the Right Air Compressor To Power your Work Load

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Nov 15

Before you take a closer look at air compressors for sale, be sure you are shopping for the right unit for the job. What do you plan to use the air compressor for? How do you want to power it? How much capacity will it require? You will find a variety of air compressors for sale that offer different features. Let’s take a look at some of those features, enabling you to better evaluate whether or not the air compressors will offer the speed, efficiency and performance you need.

First, air compressors are either powered by gasoline or electricity. If you are a home builder or HVAC contractor, the chances are that you are on the job site before power is functional. That makes gasoline air compressors for sale the go-to choice. They also tend to offer more power than those that run on electricity. You could run a gas generator and power an electrical air compressor from that, but many choose to skip that step and simply shop for their next unit from gas air compressors for sale.

In addition, homeowners often find that their electrical systems have trouble fully powering electrical air compressors because even 110 volt units pull a lot of amps. Having to use a long extension cord can make that problem even worse. If there is a downside to gas-powered models it is that they are more costly than electrically powered units and they also need to be vented – don’t plan to use the gas air compressors in a basement or enclosed garage.

The next feature to consider when evaluating air compressors is whether they are oiled or oil-free (sometimes referred to as “maintenance free”). Oil free compressor is good for occasional use, or for homeowners who don’t consider themselves handy. Oiled units require more maintenance, but they run more quietly, offer greater durability, and are more dependable when the going on the job site gets tough. Shop for the air compressors that fit your approach to maintaining power tools!

When searching the air compressors, consider the capacity you require. For home use, inflating things and running basic air tools like drills, sanders, nail guns, or paint sprayers, a portable or wheeled unit will be sufficient. These “pancake” or “hotdog” shaped units deliver plenty of air flow for their size and cost. For commercial uses, these units will work fine, too, if you tend to only run one tool at a time.


For auto shops and other locations that keep a unit going, look at air compressors that offer 20-50 gallon tanks in a stationary unit. You’ll have the ability to run a tire wrench all day, or run two tools at a time without losing power.

Shopping the air compressors that meet your needs will save you from paying more for a unit that far exceeds your needs, or from buying one that isn’t enough, forcing the purchase of a second unit down the road.

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