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Jul 25

You don’t just apply to the United States Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) for a patent. You have to tell them what kind of patent you want. The kinds of patents are described below. For which of these does your invention qualify?

Utility Patent

The best-known patent application is the Utility patent. You would apply for this type of patent to protect the functionality of an invention. A prime example is a broom. It has the function of allowing dirt and other things on the ground to be gathered more easily than if a person would merely use their hands.

Many things are patentable under the rubric of the Utility patent application other then the common “thing that has a function.” Over the last few years, software has become patentable without the necessity of including the computer upon which it is going to run. Business plans have also become patentable. So, to avoid confusion it would be wise if you get help from InventHelp patent agency to guide you. You can read reviews on InventHelp to learn more about the agency.

Design Patent

With the design patent, you may protect the look of an invention when that look is separable from the thing itself. A good example of a design patent application is a bicycle rack where in the steel tube to which the bicycle is to be locked looks somewhat like a snake. The concept of having a fixed locking mechanism for a bicycle is not patentable because it is known already. Such an invention would be rejected. But what can be protected is the look of the bicycle rack.

Plant Patent

If you have invented a way of making a new or original variety of plant via asexual reproduction you should apply for yet another type of patent, the plant patent application. It’s a powerful tool in the right situation.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Application

Depending on the circumstances, it might be advantageous to apply for a PCT Application before applying for a Utility patent application.

It is always good to hire a professional patenting agency such as InventHelp to guide you in this process.

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