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Jun 07

How long does a grooming appointment take?

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Depending on the condition of the coat, size of the pet, and type of groom performed, an appointment can last from 30 minutes for an extra small short-haired dog or kitten, to 3 hours for an extra large long-haired dog. The average time, however, is one to two hours. This is one of the greatest advantages to mobile grooming in Boca Raton. In a normal salon situation, your pet may need to be away from home anywhere from three hours to all day. All this extra time away from home, and away from their pet parents, adds unnecessary stress to the grooming experience.

How do I prepare my pet for the grooming appointment?

On grooming day, be sure to take your dog for a walk prior to their appointment. Do not feed your dog or cat right before handing him over to the groomer. It is not abnormal for your dog to shake when he gets close to the groomer. Much of this is caused by the stress of knowing that their beloved pet parent will be leaving them for awhile, as well as fear of the unknown with a new groomer. It could also be anticipation over frightening sounds, or being in a kennel. Pets are smart and can anticipate what is coming. They love to put on a show for their pet parents making them feel guilty about leaving them behind.

Once inside, however, most pets know the drill, and are quite content once their owners leave. It is best not to make a fuss over them if they show anxiety over leaving you. Our pets are extremely intuitive and will pick up on your feelings of worry or guilt, making it harder on both you and your pet.

Mobile dog grooming Boca Raton service is slightly different. First, as above, please be sure you don’t feed your pet and give them time to relieve themselves just prior to an appointment. Make sure to have your pet ready to go, whether in a carrier in the case of cats, or ready to be leashed in the case of dogs.

Because mobile grooming occurs right at your doorstep your pets shouldn’t show any anxiety prior to their appointment. In their minds they are going on an adventure and they don’t need to feel left behind by their pet parent. Please remember, groomers time is valuable, and it will delay the process and could add unnecessary charges if they have to wait for you to capture your pet.

Do I need to be there while you are grooming my pet?

No. It will be easier on your pet if they cannot observe you while they are being groomed. Their natural instinct is to want to be with you. You should be available during the first meeting with your pet since the groomers need to talk about your expectations and they will be offering suggestions to make Fluffy’s grooming more pleasant. After that, if you have pre-arranged payment, it is not necessary for you to stay at home during the grooming process.

Apr 17

Choosing Dog Names

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Whether you’ve brought home a new puppy or you’ve adopted a older dog from the shelter, you are going to have to think of a name for him that suits him and you! While you may have a list of male dog names planned out, you may realize that they are pretty inappropriate to the dog that you actually have and more often than not, you’ll find yourself going back to the drawing board with regards to your new canine companion. There are lots of things to keep in mind when you are naming your dog, some of which are not obvious until you think about it.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your dog’s name isn’t going to embarrass you if you need to call for him in a crowded park. Try it before you get his collar engraved. Go to your back doorstep and try yelling his name. If you blush or have problems doing that, than you might want to reconsider.

Remember, there are a lot of sources to get ideas from. There are spanish dog names with meanings that can help you find a catchy name with a story behind it.

Think about what your dog will respond to. “Ozymandius” is a bit of a mouthful, and your dog will have trouble understanding that the multiple syllables refer to him. On the other hand “Ozy” is a good compromise because it has a hard distinct consonant sound that is easy to hear and that your dog will be able to easily distinguish from normal conversation.

Remember that there are other words that you want your dog to recognize besides his name, so give him a hand and don’t give him a name that is easily confused with a command word. “Kit” seems like a fine name for puppy until you start trying to teach him to sit, especially if you’ve been training him to come when you call his name!

Much like naming a child, you are going to want a name to that will grow with your dog. Naming him Tiny may be perfect when he’s a cute little ball of fluff, but it might get you some strange looks when you’re walking your St Bernard/German shepherd mix.

There are lots of places to get male or female dog names with meanings from. Get advice from family and friends and just get to know your new canine companion. Sometimes, the perfect name will present itself when you are playing with him, and sometimes, you just need to read or see the right thing. Your dog’s going to be with you for years to come, so make sure you’re happy with his name whether you’re telling him to drop the ball or signing him in for a vet visit!

Dec 04

How to name your new puppy?

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TV and TV Shows and movies such as the 101 Dalmatians are certainly a great starting point when searching for dog names. But, it is not the only place to find clever dog names. Do you listen to Sirius radio? You know their mascot is a dog. Sirius is a great dog name. On the radio you might hear some great dog names from bands and musicians. How about singers like Hendrix, Ozzy, Bach, Zappa or Carlos Santana. Famous bands offer up some very clever dog names, like Incubus, Seether, Jefferson (Airplane) or Fleetwood (Mac).

Some clever dog names for pairs of dogs could be Friar and Tuck or Friar Tuck and Robin Hood, Mai and Tai, General and Sherman, Anthony and Cleopatra, Cheech and Chong, Bonnie and Clyde, Adam and Eve, Abbott and Costelo, or Willie and Wonka.

Finding clever dog names are easy, no matter where you choose to look. Have fun with them and be sure to pick a name that you and your puppy will enjoy for years to come. Get creative and you are sure to find great dog names.

dogs throw up
Nov 14

Reasons Of Dogs Throwing Up

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Compared to a human it might seem like your dog is throwing up quite often – and they are. Due to their scavenger nature dogs must have a defense mechanism. It’s because they’re naturally drawn to eating just about anything, they have a well-developed vomiting center in their brain.

In order to get to the bottom of why it is your dog is throwing up, it’s best to figure out if they’re vomiting or regurgitating.

Regurgitation occurs when food stays in the esophagus because it’s blocked or just simply won’t go down. When it begins to accumulate it will eventually overload and expel itself. When regurgitation occurs your dog will throw up “whole” or undigested food.

dogs throw up

Vomiting occurs when the food actually reaches the stomach and is forcefully expelled.

Dogs, just like humans throw up for a number of reasons. They could have eaten something that disagreed with them, ate too much, ate too fast, exercised too quickly after eating – maybe they’re experiencing motion sickness, stress or they could have worms. These are all cases of simply an upset stomach, which is not critical.

However, throwing up can also be a sign of a more serious illness such as parvovirus, kidney or liver failure, enterocolitis, pancreatitis cancer, acute gastritis, intestinal obstruction, food allergies, poisoning or distemper.

To ensure your dog remains healthy and attempt to try to stop them from vomiting in the future you must be well informed. Visit and find out more.